History and Philosophy of Science

The group's current research interests are focused primarily on central issues in the history of early modern science and medicine, the philosophy of physics, psychology and the social sciences, and on the problems of historical epistemology and sociology of knowledge. The research group runs an international colloquium series with invited speakers, organizes workshops and conferences, and is responsible for the MTA Lendület/Momentum project 'Morals and Values in Modern Science'.

Homepage of the research group:

Castle Hill Reading Group in Philosophy of Science

Boros, János

Email: boros.janos at btk.mta.hu


Demeter, Tamás

Email: demeter.tamas at btk.mta.hu


Sivadó, Ákos

Email: sivado.akos at btk.mta.hu


Tuboly, Ádám Tamás

Email: tuboly.adam at btk.mta.hu


Zuh, Deodáth

Email: zuh.deodath at btk.mta.hu


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