Practical Philosophy and the History of Political Thought

The group focuses on the fields of traditional practical philosophy, including ethics, social and political philosophy, economic theory, communication studies, rhetorics and aesthetics. It is also concerned with the great tradition of natural law and legal theory. Members of it are partners to a national research programme entitled: The Arts and Science in the service of nation building in 19th century Hungary. It prepares conferences on the Philosophy of Public Memory (remembering the anniversary of the Holocaust), on the question „Is a universal ethics possible?” and on constitutionalism, in cooperation with the Institute of Legal Sciences of the Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Science. The research group is responsible for preparing a philosophical dictionary, too.

Gángó, Gábor

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Golden, Dániel

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Hörcher, Ferenc

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Kis-Jakab, Dóra

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Kovács, Gábor

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Mester, Béla

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Sivadó, Ákos

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Szécsi, Gábor

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Turgonyi, Zoltán

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