Varga Péter András


postdoctoral research fellow, scientific secretary

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History of Philosophy

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+36 1 224 6700/4176
Research area

Edmund Husserl and early phenomenology, the School of Brentano, late nineteenth and early twentieth century German philosophy in general (including its contemporaneous Hungarian reception), historiography of phenomenology

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Selected publications from the last five years

Varga, Peter Andras. 2017. “Eugen Enyvvari’s Road to Göttingen and Back: A Case Study in the Transleithanian Participation in Early Phenomenology (with an Appendix of Edmund Husserl’s Two Unpublished Letters to Enyvvari).” Studies in East European Thought 69 (1): 57–78.

Varga, Peter Andras. 2016. “The Impersonalien Controversy in Early Phenomenology. Sigwart and the School of Brentano.” Brentano Studien 14: 229–280.

Varga, Peter Andras. 2015. “Was hat Husserl in Wien außerhalb von Brentanos Philosophie gelernt? Über die Einflüsse auf den frühen Husserl jenseits von Brentano und Bolzano.Husserl Studies 31 (2): 95–121.

Varga, Peter Andras. 2014. “Die Einflüsse der Brentanoschen Intentionalitätskonzeptionen auf den frühen Husserl. Zur Widerlegung einer Legende.” Phänomenologische Forschungen (N. F.) 2014: 83–116.

Varga, Peter Andras. 2013. “The Missing Chapter from the Logical Investigations: Husserl on Lotze’s Formal and Real Significance of Logical Laws.Husserl Studies 29 (3): 181–209.

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